Spring awards ceremony

Amy Codagnone

The Office of the Student Center and Student Leadership is planning a spring event to honor and thank all of Quinnipiac University’s student organizations.

“Right now there is a big awards weekend in April for undergraduate achievements,” Kertin Soderlund, the director of the student center said. The new event will be separate from the big one in April.

There are also two big awards given out to the major organizations at Quinnipiac.

“We wanted to support the other student organizations and recognize the students as well as the faculty and staff for all of the work that they do throughout the year,” Soderlund said.

This awards ceremony is very much in the planning but will hopefully be taking place this year in March. Awards such as Volunteer-, Advisor-, program- and member-of-the-year are in the works. It will be a small event most likely held in Alumni Hall to show how much Quinnipiac University appreciates all of its organizations.

Most likely, the winners would be chosen by nomination. There would be a committee of faculty, staff and students making the decisions.

“We don’t want to undermine the other awards ceremony,” Soderlund said. “This will allow us to recognize the others contributing to the community.”

Once this program is put into final plans the Student Center hopes to make it an annual event.

“If anyone is interested in being involved then come to the office,” Soderlund said, “We would certainly appreciate the input.”