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    She said; He said

    Dear Shelly and Ricky,

    A few weeks ago my best friend told me his girlfriend from home was coming up and he wanted me to meet her. That night, I went out to a social gathering with some friends. I ended up meeting a wonderful girl and we ended up spending the whole night together. The next morning I went to breakfast with my friend and his girlfriend. The girl who I spent the night with turned out to be my best friend’s girl! He had to work late the night before and wasn’t at the gathering. Now I am torn. Do I confess to my best friend what I did or do I just say nothing?

    -Torn between the Two

    Dear Torn,

    Wow! That was a struck of misfortune. Fate may be playing with you, but as long as you were not messing with your boy’s lady then you have nothing to fear.
    So you spent a harmless few hours with a taken lady. What is the problem? If you two engaged in anything physical then you should be feeling more than just guilt. I would be one quick to confess for the mere freak instance you had no idea this lady was the girlfriend. But what is she saying at this moment in time? If she was kissing not telling her boy anything, then it is more than just an issue of a mistaken identity, its infidelity!
    He may not believe you or the conditions of this very extreme episode. Reassure your best friend you will always have his back and you meant no harm. Apologize and back away; he may have other issues to deal with, mainly her. If nothing happened and the two of you enjoyed each others company, then he should have nothing to worry about! At least the two of you get along!
    Good luck with your future encounters. May you find out a few more facts about the individuals you meet, to prevent a re-run episode.

    Best of luck,

    Dear Torn–

    Let me preface this answer with: You are the man!!
    You definitely have to tell your best friend his girlfriend is a scumbag. You did nothing wrong, assuming you had no idea who you were spending the night with.
    What kind of girl comes to visit her guy and canot control herself enough not to hook up with the first guy she sees (and where can I find these girls)??
    Your friend will probably be mad at you for a while, but it is really the girl who is at fault. You owe it to your buddy to come clean, not only for your own peace of mind, but to make sure he does not waste one more minute on “little miss bang-his-friends.”
    One more piece of advice, if he invites you to meet his mom, make sure he does not have to work that night.

    ~ Ricky

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