Crown up for grabs

Amy Codagnone

Eleven of Quinnipiac’s finest gentlemen will be competing for a crown, $100 cash prize and the Mr. Quinnipiac title in the annual Mr. Quinnipiac Competition on Friday, Nov. 14 at 8 p.m. in Alumni Hall.

In a matter of two hours, the Mr. Quinnipiac hopefuls will be participating a series of competitions, answering questions and showing off their talents.

All Quinnipiac males were allowed to sign up. This year the eleven candidates range from sophomores to seniors.

The competitors will be asked to show off their beachwear, casual wear and dress wear, in addition to the talent competition. This year’s competition will feature singing, dancing, piano playing, rapping and a line dancer during the talent portion.

Last year’s winner, then-junior Dan Looney, used his dancing skills to win the competition.

“I was pleased to win last year,” Looney said. “I rehearsed my dancing for a week and a half with my partner before the competition.”

Looney also feels there are a few things the contestants can do to help them win the competition.

“Just have fun,” he said. “Also, brown-nosing never hurt anybody.”

The contestants will be judged on different aspects of their performance, including personality, stage presence and how they answer the questions.

“The audience will also be participating in the selection of the winner,” Danielle King, the director of the competition, said.

The competition has led many to ask why the ladies of Quinnipiac do not get to compete in their own competition.

“This is just tradition,” King said. “I think the girls would get too competitive and take it too seriously. This is more of a spoof competition.”

Though the Quinnipiac ladies do not have a competition they will be able to enjoy watching the guys do their thing.

“Of course I’ll be there,” freshman Nicole Arcuri said. “I’m sure all the girls will be.”