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    Why Halloween rocks


    When they first asked me to write something for this spot I had no idea what I was going to fill it with.

    I did the usual procrastination thing, checking everyone’s away messages (you know you all do it) and then my QU mail- nothing but something from Ed Kovacs, of course.

    Then I realized that I could say a lot about nothing or a lot about something that could get me into trouble such as I don’t understand Greek life- no offense to those involved, there is just the stereotype that goes along with it.

    So instead of risking life, I decided to go on something a little more seasonal and a little happier- trick or treating!

    Think back to when you were young, go ahead think. Remember when Halloween used to be so much fun?!

    It took forever to pick out what you were going to be, the possibilities were endless!

    For those 24 hours you were going to totally assume another identity. It’s 24 hours because, I don’t know about you all, but I used to sleep in my costume and then going to school in the next morning because there was the party and the parade. Then it was time! After dinner it was time to go trick or treating!

    I always remember having to bundle up because it was so cold out and I always got upset at Mom about it because it ruined the idea of the costume- but after a while I didn’t care because I was getting candy!

    It wasn’t until later that I realized that there was more to Halloween than candy…it’s free candy. I remember coming home with bags filled and empting them on the floor while “It’s Halloween Charlie Brown” was on T.V.

    I think this went on for a few years, at least up until eight grade or freshman year of high school. Yup, I was that kid who was way too old to partake in trick or treating and got mean looks from the people that answered the door, but like I said…free candy.

    As we got older, or I got older, getting free candy the conventional way wasn’t socially accepted anymore, so methods to have fun the ‘big kid’ way had to be discovered.

    There were the Halloween parties at friends’ houses during high school. (Someone would always spike the punch).

    But in high school, it wasn’t very cool to dress up. There were some girls that would always try to dress in some way that was provocative but yet acceptable for the parents’ approval or at least in my town they did, by wearing belly-dancer costumes or genie outfits.

    There was always ‘valley girls’ or poodle skirts; can’t forget about the ‘Pink Ladies’ from Grease- these were all old standbys.

    No offense guys, but I don’t think you all dressed up that much in high school not that I can remember anyways.

    If you did, we didn’t notice unless you were like ‘Superman’ or something- sorry.

    Now we’re in college…ahh freedom! All of a sudden dressing up became cool again!

    Guys get all their friends together and they would all be something members of a sports team, or the Simpsons for example. Girls’ costumes became smaller and sexier, and this time the parents didn’t have to know. Some gave provocative meanings- for instance girls that dress up as firemen and lick whipped cream off each other or Madonna with the cone shaped bra.

    The Village will usually have someone with DJ equipment playing loud dance music with lights, just like at the clubs. Housing off campus will surely be having something going on as well.

    Either way there’s going to be a lot of…well, fun!

    Halloween lets everyone act like an idiot, or in some cases more idiotic than other times and get away with it.

    We all are able to get together and dress however we want; be outside ourselves for that one day.

    Well, if you go to the clubs, you get to dress up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (depending on the club).

    Sadly there will be no free candy this year, unless you’re thinking of a five finger discount or really going to your neighbor’s house, that’s up to you.

    But please, this Halloween watch your friends, don’t let them drive drunk.

    And for the children’s sake, if they come to your house trick or treating give them some candy.

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