PATI seeks interns

Amy Codagnone

The Professional Athlete Transition Institute, a program founded by the School of Business, is currently looking for five or six interns.

The program was founded a year ago by Dr. Dale Jasinski, who is an associate professor of management at Quinnipiac University. It is aimed at assisting athletes in the transition from the professional sports world back into the real world.

“It was originally founded on the basis of a research project,” said Duncan Fletcher, director and Program Manager of the Professional Athlete Transition Institute, or PATI. “The program undertook a survey of about 2500 NHL athletes and as a result we were able to create PATI.”

According to Fletcher, the interns will be doing a variety of things for the institute.

“They’ll be doing mainly research on athletic identity issues, performance issues and the impact of education and just helping out around the office,” Fletcher said. “Basically whatever [hours] that specific student can provide us with.”

Right now the majority of students involved with internships at the Institute are marketing, business or public relations majors. These positions are open to anyone who is good at research, can write well and enjoys interacting with people. The program will provide students with insight into the professional sports world.

Anyone who is interested in more information about the internship should contact Andrew Madden at x3647 or send a resume to [email protected]