Kitchen alters eating habits

Nicole Silva

Some students are envious of residents with a kitchen, whereas others enjoy having the meal plan to rely on. Living in a place with a kitchen has drastically changed most residents eating habits. The most drastic change being they do not rely on the cafeteria or Rathskellar to be fed.

The change in eating habits varies among different residents. Some residents with a kitchen find themselves cooking healthier and eating better, whereas some still wish they had meal points.

The Hill Apartments are upperclassmen housing which hold 7 or 8 students and have a full kitchen. The Complex Apartments also have a kitchen and hold 6 students. Hill residents share their opinions about living with a kitchen.

Having a kitchen definitely changes a person’s eating habits. “I don’t eat as often, but the quality of what I do eat is much better,” said Dylan Zublin, junior finance major. “I definitely enjoy having a kitchen, I live with a bunch of guys so it’s hard for one person to cook. With seven guys we eat a lot, its hard to make that much food,” said Zublin.

“I’m eating healthier; more vegetables,” said Beth Mangini, junior business management major. “I cook food I want which is healthier than the caf