Third Eye Blind set to perform at QU

Mindy Matteis

After a quiet three years, Third Eye Blind, a California based Rock band, plans on making Quinnipiac one of its four tour stops to colleges around the country.

The concert here on campus is set for Sunday, Nov. 16, and will begin at 8 p.m.

Third Eye Blind, formed in the early 1990’s by songwriter Stephan Jenkins, was selected by popular demand in this year’s freshman survey and will be performing live from Quinnipiac’s gymnasium.

The gym, able to seat between 1300 and 1400 people, will make tickets readily available. Vice President of Programming Lianna Hartford feels that the gym will be a great place to hold the event.

“The gym has always been where we have the concerts. It’s the only place big enough where we can build the stage, lighting and sound systems and fit the most amount of people in there,” said Hartford.

Ticket information is currently undetermined at this time but will be decided within the weeks before the concert.

The tickets are proposed to be sold on the tables of the Student Center located near the bookstore.

University student and long time Third Eye Blind fan Robert Rasmussen is impressed that the band is coming to QU and commends the organizations that made it all possible.

“Whoever got Third Eye Blind to come to Quinnipiac deserves a pat on the back,” Rasmussen said. “A great band with a new album. What more could students ask for.”

The Student government Association and the Student Programming Board are responsible for the band’s coming to Q.U. S.G.A. will be supplying the funds necessary to hold the event.

Hartford says that along with student opinion, money and timing played a key role in selecting the band. Hartford is also enthusiastic about the band and feels they will be great entertainers for the fall concert.

“They are amazing performers, and it will be a great show,” Hartford said. “They have a new album out and it is awesome. I am definitely a fan of the band.”

Concert Chair of S.P.B. Anthony Vindigni is in charge of the concert. Vindigni felt the band was a great choice for a number of reasons.

“Third Eye Blind scored the highest on our surveys, are one of the most reputable bands, and have a wide fan base no matter where they go,” said Vindigni.

Band members Stephan Jenkins of Vocals and guitar, Arion Salazar on Bass and vocals, Tony Fredianelli on Guitar and vocals, and Brad Hargreaves on the drums have put out a total of three albums already and intend on putting out more.

The band’s first self-titled album made the top 20 list with hits “Semi Charmed Life” and “How’s it Going to Be.” The band came out with a second CD entitled “Blue” and has currently released their third album, “Out of the Vein.”

“Out of the Vein” is now in stores.

Past concerts put on by S.G.A. and S.P.B. include Everclear in 2001 and 112 in 2002. The school has also hosted Wyclef Jean for 2002 May Weekend and Guster for May Weekend this past year.