Bomb scare hits QU campus

Marina McGowan

Investigations into Quinnipiac University’s bomb scare two weeks ago are still continuing as the Hamden Police Department looks into the matter.

At approximately 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 3, a Hamden 911 dispatcher received an unidentified call indicating that there would be a bomb explosion on the University’s grounds. The dispatcher then notified the Hamden Police Department, which in turn sent patrol officers to the University to determine that the call was made from the payphone located in the Student Center Lobby.

Officials from Security and Facilities helped to conduct a search per University protocol. According to John Twining, chief of Security and Safety, the phone was dusted for fingerprints and the investigation is still open.

While the bomb threat did not force University officials or the Hamden Police Department to close the Student Center or University, Twining said that they did take the matter seriously.

“Based on the content of the message decisions were made not to evacuate the building or the campus in total,” Twining said. “We searched every building and anything that looked out of place. We follow protocol and each situation is evaluated on its own merits.”

The person found will be arrested and have to deal with the court for felony charges, said Twining. Since September 11, 2001, officials signed legislation into law making it a felony for anyone to issue a false bomb threat directed toward a school. This law also includes the crime of falsely reporting an incident of an explosion, fire, or the release of a hazardous substance.

In the future, Twining wants students and faculty to be cautious when it comes to these situations. “Don’t touch things that you are unsure of,” Twining said. “In case of such a potential problem, vacate the area and call on a land line phone.”