Bobcats on the prowl

Jenn Press

When deciding what to wear each day, many students find it most comforting to dress in Quinnipiac attire, showing Bobcat pride and fitting into the campus style.

“I do definitely feel a lot of people on campus are sporting the Quinnipiac logo. I think it is good people are supporting their school and are proud of where they go to school,” sophomore transfer student Shawn Marshall said.

In comparison to Fairfield University, who described themselves as a ‘JCrew only school’, Quinnipiac students feel comfortable in school gear.

“Everyone wears school paraphenelia. It’s more laid back here,” sophomore psychology major Stephanie Maiorana said.

The campus bookstore carries a variety of seasonal clothing to choose from, as well as Quinnipiac accessories.

“Top selling items are hooded sweathshirts,” Donna Mierzejewski, general merchandise manager at the bookstore said. “Car stickers are always a hot item [as well as] the new glasses [and] blankets.”

The new glasses have a Bobcat logo at the bottom of the glass which can be seen when the drink is finished.

The store is selling yellow and blue Bobcat wigs, which students may use to show their school spirit at sporting events.

“I would probably get the wig as a joke to wear at Midnight Madness, but of course, I would not wear it to class or anything serious,” junior accounting major Clifford Laughy-Jokey said.

In addition to the already popular Bobcat gear already offered in the bookstore Mierzejewski said she ordered windpants and sweatpants which she hopes to have for sale soon.

Even though many students feel the bookstore is a great place to buy Bobcat merchandise, some students feel it does not have a sufficient selection, due to its size.

“It is not very good because if you go to any other college, they have more apparel. They have the same apparel [here] they had last year,” sophomore broadcast journalism major Stephen Jesselli said.

Mierzejewski said the store could not be increased, even if she wanted to do so.

“We have no room for anything else [but] I feel we have a very good variety,” she said.

While students own clothing with the school’s mascot, some prefer a more plain design.

“I like the simple ‘Quinnipiac’ with no Bobcat,” sophomore Physical Therapy major Keri Velopolca, said. “It is simple, but nice.”

Jack McNamaro and Andrew Mallia enjoy wearing their school gear off campus to advertise their appreciation for the university.

“I always wear it, especially when I am home. People will ask about it and I can say I like it [at Quinnipiac],” sophomore media production major McNamaro said.

Wearing the gear is also a good way to promote Quinnipiac.

“I think it is important because obviously our school is not a huge name school so it is nice to get the word out,” McNamaro said. “It is also nice when I am in my hometown and people recognize the name because there is a certain comradery between Quinnipaic students.”