Bizkit’s new album all hype

Michelle Faust

You may have heard about his non-existent fling with Britney Spears. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably wondered if his group can recover from bassist Wes Borland’s abrupt exit. If you haven’t heard by now, you’ll soon find out the gossip about his next cover video for The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes,” where he kisses actress Halle Berry. After two years of no new Limp Bizkit music, the band’s lead singer, Fred Durst, is suddenly being mentioned constantly in the media.

The long awaited follow-up to 2001’s “New Old Songs,” is finally in stores and with all the hype lately about front-man Durst, you’d think he has something revolutionary to share with the music industry. His critics and any remaining fans have been patiently anticipating the release of the new CD “Results May Vary.” What Durst does give us though, is not all it’s hyped up to be.

The Limp Bizkit CD, if anything, offers a variety of music styles, just as it did with previous albums. There are rap-rock songs like “Creamer” and “Gimme The Mic” along with “Red Light Green Light,” a collaboration with rapper Snoop Dogg, and The Who’s cover song “Behind Blue Eyes.”

Listeners can’t help but notice the abundance of emotion and love songs. Durst obviously has some heavy issues in his life he has to work out. The song “Drown” is a good example where he repeatedly sings “Save me before I drown.” Even in the song, “Build a Bridge” he sings, “even though it’s gonna fall apart, break my heart, I keep building till I die.”

Aside from the poor spoken English of the song when you listen to it, along with the other slow songs you can tell Durst was hurt by a girl. While all relationships have their ups and downs, a listener is left to wonder, with all the Britney and Fred rumors, if she’s the girl he’s singing about.

The similarity of Durst’s voice to rock group Staind’s lead singer Aaron Lewis is unmistakable. When you listen to songs like “Drown,” you have to question if Durst is trying to copy some of the success of Staind’s band over the past few years.

From the group that brought you catchy songs like “My Way” and “Nookie,” “Results May Vary” lacks the sing along songs. The few songs you’ll want to replay on the album will eventually be made into singles. I recommend that you don’t waste your money on this CD. Limp Bizkit doesn’t live up to all the hype with this release. The CD lacks anything different to stand out from the rest of the CD’s that are being released at the moment.