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    Students embrace uniqueness

    Quinnipiac students are diverse in many ways. Not only are people diverse in their backgrounds and family lives but also in their personalities.

    It was actually hard getting people to say what was unique or special about them. Human beings have a difficult time admitting the good things about themselves, but they are so quick to say such negative things. The students in this article opened up about their uniqueness, without letting their guards down to a stranger.

    The students listed below have much more to offer than they shared, but chose a few unique tratis about themselves. You may be able to relate to some of the comments people made about themselves, and some may spark a laugh as well.

    Ask yourself:

    “What really makes me the person I am, that is completely different from anyone else.”

    No two people are alike in this world. Try to discover in yourself why.

    Some students mentioned interesting eating habits.

    Lauren McDonald: “I am obsessed with ketchup and the color orange.”

    Melanie Rankow: “I like every condiment imaginable on every type of food. I can’t eat anything without condiments and I love accent foods like guacamole and salsa.”

    Other students, found their background to be a dominant part of who they are.

    Yahn Sebastian Benjamin: “I am the only kid I know that lives in Manhattan. Last year I was the only kid on campus to drive a mini cooper.”

    Joanna Backiel: “I am told by my roommates that I have a strong New York/Polish accent.”

    Kristen Lee Paradis: “I forced girls to be on a football team, I am a good organizer, I can walk on my hands, and I can zone anyone out without hearing one word.”

    A few were able to pick out their favorite trait that makes them special.

    Patty Ann: “I have cute feet and am a great shopper.”

    Matt Candiloro: “I can say the alphabet backwards really fast.”

    Rob Bloise: “I am small.”

    Tom Disalvatore: “I am really good at singing karaoke, particularly to Bon Jovi.”

    Students John Forner and Dan Sullivan discussed their personal quirks.

    Dan Sullivan: “I am a neat freak and am in a rock climbing class with Andy Kessler and Chris Garcia.”

    John Forner: “I scream for little or no reason.”

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