Shuttle shuffle

Kristen Kroha

The Quinnipiac University shuttle service that travels to Hamden and New Haven has been found to be helpful, yet sometimes unreliable, according to some students on campus.

The biggest complaint most students at Quinnipiac have is how unpredictable the shuttle is regarding pick up and drop off times.

According to freshman Donna Bimonte, times to catch the shuttle are difficult to figure out even though the times are posted.

“It’s so hard to determine when this shuttle is going to run, even though they have times posted, the shuttle never really runs by that,” Bimonte said.

Bimonte also went on to say that the shuttle is either early or late, but rarely arrives at the posted time.

“The other day I was down at the shuttle stop on time for the shuttle pick-up, and it came a half hour earlier before the posted time, whereas usually the shuttle doesn’t leave until a half hour later than the posted time,” she said. “It’s so confusing!”

Junior Ryan Peterson felt the same way as Bimonte.

“I’m glad I don’t have to use it anymore,” Peterson said, “because it was never on time and didn’t seem very reliable.”

While there are many students who feel the same way as Bimonte and Peterson, others have come to look beyond the inconviences and focus on the benefits the shuttle offers. The shuttle always gets its passengers to the right destination safely.

Freshman Lauren Thompson has come to value the shuttle for its safety features and for its ability to get a person to their destination one way or another.

“Although I’m a bit annoyed with the shuttle’s unpredictable pick up and drop off patterns, I do appreciate the good and clean service it provides,” Thompson said. “I’ve never once have felt unsafe when I take the shuttle, because I know it will get me to my destination, and it will get me there safely.”