Harvard professor visits Quinnipiac

Kristin Kroha

Harvard professor Richard Light spoke at Quinnipiac University recently in a speech aimed at students and their study habits. The lecture took place on Thursday, Sept. 25 in Alumni Hall.

Light, the author of How to Make the Most of College, presented the idea of “time” and how students should make the most of their time here at school. The audience seemed to relate well to the friendly and well-spoken professor.

During his speech, Light urged students to take a step back from their busy schedules in order to maximize their time.

“I urge you to stop and see how you spend your morning, your afternoon, and even take three minutes and reflect on your evening,” he said. “With doing so, I think you’ll come to find that there are many improvements you can make just to make the most of your time. Be productive!”

For his book, he did an experiment at Harvard during which he interviewed many students.

In his research, Light found that students who reported having “a great time” at school were the ones that mentioned “time” and how they made the most of it.

Students who reported that they were not happy with school did not mention anything about “time” during their interviewing.

During the speech, Light also instituted the idea of implementing change and improving one’s lifestyle with each day, and even with each hour.