Staff looks to improve Dining Services

Adam Hart

Campus Dining Services are actively searching for ways to make students’ dining experiences more enjoyable.

On Thursday, September 11th, Chris Schumacher, director of the Rathskellar, was director of the Rathskellar, was serving free smoothies and French toast sticks to passing students as a way to solicit ideas for improving the Rat.

“We’re out here to give you students some free food,” said Schumacher. “And also to get any ideas or concerns you have for the Rat.”

Students gave ideas ranging from a new potato bar, to a larger staff, to dissatisfaction with the bottled orange juice.

“I don’t like the Dole orange Juice in the bottle,” said sophomore Jocelyn Schwartz.

Schumacher was receptive to this, as well as any other concerns students expressed.

“We don’t know what needs to be changed if students don’t let us know,” said Schumacher.

One topic bothering the resident population is the length of the lines at the Rat, especially on Sunday night when the Caf