Osbourne, DeGeneres debut new daytime talk shows this fall

Allison Corneau

Two of television’s funniest women are back on the small screen this season with their own talk shows. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and everyone’s favorite dysfunctional mother, Sharon Osbourne are entering the second and third week of their shows. Viewers are tuning in each day to see the women interview celebrities that have thus far included Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone, and Megan Mullaly.

Osbourne, most well-known for her stint on MTV’s smash hit The Osbournes, has exchanged the curse words and vulgar actions often seen on the reality series for a more maternal role on her new daytime talk show, Sharon. Since the debut of her sho, Osbourne has welcomed her son, Jack as a guest to talk about his recent battle with drugs and alcohol, a struggle that landed the 17-year-old in a rehabilitation hospital.

Airing locally on the Fox network, Sharon recently attracted many Connecticut viewers when she booked North Haven resident Adrienne Samen, dubbed “Bridezilla” by local media, on the show following her arrest for disorderly conduct at her own wedding. Samen told Osbourne that things began to get out of control after the restaurant that hosted the reception decided to close down the bar early, in addition to other mishaps. The petite Osbourne held her tongue during the “Sharon Sorts it Out” segment, which also included restaurant owner Helmar Wolf, who argued that his staff did everything right for Samen’s wedding reception.

In addition to the hottest celebrity interviews, Sharon features audience interaction with features that enable viewers to chat with Osbourne about topics discussed on the show, and daily merchandise giveaways that are tied into her new website.

Television veteran Ellen DeGeneres returns with her daytime talk show contribution, airing locally on NBC. With a similar format to that of Sharon, and backed by Warner Brothers, Ellen features celebrity interviews and musical performances, coupled with tamer “man on the street” segments featuring DeGeneres. So far, Ellen has welcomed Hollywood heavyweights Justin Timberlake, Eve, and Kim Cattrall.

DeGeneres’s monologue is slightly more upbeat than Osbourne’s, due to her more than 20 years as a stand-up comedian. Look for audience participation segments and interviews with, according to the production staff, “regular people.” On a recent broadcast, Ellen and company delivered light-hearted pieces about naming DeGeneres’s new pet, and reached out to help a viewer find a new job in her home area.

As the fall TV season progresses, these two women and their new shows are hoping to become a mainstay with new and old fans. Sharon airs weekdays on Fox at noon, and viewers can catch Ellen at 10 a.m. locally on NBC.