WRECK: Social Media Reactions to Election

Jennifer Esposito

As the results of the presidential election were announced Nov. 6,  many ran to social media sites to express their opinions, and some were very vocal.

“Well that’s it. I’m moving to Canada!” one Facebook post said. Are you, are you really? You’re just going to drop everything, pack your bags, and move to a country that has way more socialist undertones than America, which Romney supporters seem to be against? For instance, Canada has universal health care. Wouldn’t the point of moving be to get away from policies and values you oppose? These drama queens definitely didn’t do their research.

It seems unpatriotic to give up on your country so easily.  If they knew anything about the American government, they might realize that the president isn’t the sole decision maker.  He can’t enact any laws without the help of the House of Representatives and the Senate, also known as Congress. Nothing drastic will happen overnight, so take a deep breath and step away from Twitter. We all know you’re not actually going anywhere. Besides, haven’t you ever heard the expression that quitters never win?