Best websites for a dose of style inspiration

Shannon Corcoran

As winter approaches, days become shorter, nighttime arrives quickly and the sunshine is limited. The weather is continuously throwing curve balls our way, as well, which makes choosing an outfit each morning difficult. If you don’t like wearing sweatpants and a hoodie to class, this time of year may result in a fashion slump. However, there are many websites with daily doses of wardrobe inspiration, as well as advice about avoiding the awkward, in-between-seasons, blues. Want to see what hundreds of people from all over the world are wearing at any given moment? Or maybe you just bought a piece of clothing but have no clue what to wear with it? Don’t fret, has the answer to these fashion dilemmas. Just by filling in simple preferences, you can narrow the outfits down by brand, country, gender, and more. If you have an iPhone, download the application, too. It’s the perfect shopping companion and gives instant bursts of inspiration. There are countless fashion blogs out there, but this is a favorite. It’s a mix of everything: do-it-yourself projects, travel inspiration, beauty tips and previews of runway collections. You name it, Honestly WTF has probably written something about it. The website is loaded with content and has the potential to be every girls homepage. If you pay attention to who goes to which runway shows, chances are you’ve seen the website’s creator, Tavi Gevinson, in photographs. Style Rookie chronicles the inspirations of 16-year-old Gevinson, and considering she started the blog when she was 11, the content is interesting. She has recently worked on another site,, which is updated more frequently. For the indie, thrift shopping-obsessed fashionista that enjoys a whimsical perspective on life, these two sites are good picks. Have you ever seen a celeb’s outfit and wondered how to recreate the look on a college budget? This site does exactly that. Filters allow you to select looks from one of your style icons, whether it’s Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj. From the gorgeous Chanel dress that left you daydreaming, to a vintage outfit worn on the red carpet, this site effectively takes inaccessible pieces and locates similar styles that work within any budget. The content is updated continuously throughout the day, so looks are always fresh and current. They always say to leave the best for last, so here it is. Refinery29 does it all. It’s feature stories on topics such as how to make combat boots look classic, or maximizing your shopping budget, are well written. Because there is so much content, visitors can narrow down stories to certain cities around the globe. The DIY projects are plentiful, and it’s easy to get the latest updates on where sales are happening. The site even has its own college section. Refinery29 is a one-stop shop for all your creative desires.