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    “All Things Rock” at WQAQ

    Shuffling through a pile of CDs at WQAQ’s radio station, Sal Bono, Chris Laurenzo,and Paul Crevier, discussed how they used their love for music to create a rock radio show.

    The new show, “All Things Rock,” airs on Fridays on 98.1 WQAQ from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

    “The title is very appropriate because we pretty much cover all time periods,” said Laurenzo, media production major.

    The DJs discuss current music news, review concerts they’ve attended and debate about various music related topics that they encourage the callers to take part in.

    In addition to the traditional music line-up, the show plays a “Seven at Seven” countdown. The topic of the countdown will change each week, from oldies to current music within the rock field.

    Laurenzo and Crevier had a show last year called “Nothing but 90s,” but wanted to do something that gave them more leeway.

    “We felt restricted with the genre,” Laurenzo said.

    Crevier, a broadcast journalism major, said, “We felt bad telling people we can’t play their requests.”

    The DJs said their similar interests and career goals brought them together.

    Bono, who was a member of “The Airheads” last year said, “We all have a strong liking and background for rock music.”

    “I knew I wanted to do this before I came to college,” said Bono, media production major. “This is something I can continue on.”

    Laurenzo said, “I always grew up listening to DJs on the radio and I wanted to be like them and this gave me the opportunity to do so.”

    “Probably one of the best things about college is being on the air,” said Crevier.

    After their first show they are still working out the kinks, but felt their show was pretty successful.

    “It was really all about us getting to know each other,” Laurenzo said.

    “We’re just trying to get everyone involved and make everyone happy,” Bono said.

    Although they choose a topic of conversation before the show, they agreed that the show has an element of spontaneity.

    “We make it up as we go along,” Laurenzo said. “It’s like improv.”

    Bono said, “We definitely feed off of each other.”

    The DJs said they are happy with their time slot because they feel a lot of students will be available to tune in.

    “If there’s one piece of advice I can give [it would be to] listen,” Bono said.

    They said they admire DJs such as Jeff Mrozek and Howard Stern who spark shock value and entertainment with callers.

    Callers can phone (203)-281-0011 or send an IM to wqaqdj. The DJs said they try hard to honor song requests.

    “We encourage guests, callers, IM’s, and feedback,” Crevier said.

    If students are interested in creating a show, they can fill out an application and attend a meeting through the student run station.

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