Not your average news

Lindsay Roberts

It’s a big world out there, and bizarre and funny events occur every day. There are heroes, losers and just plain freaks all around us. So why should Heidi Montag get all the attention? I scoured the globe to bring you a few stories you might have missed. Prepare to be inspired.

More distracting than a billboard: I am sure there are plenty of people who have followed through with a stupid dare in the name of inebriation. But before you go boasting about your most embarrassing endeavors while intoxicated, you need to hear about this chick from New Zealand. This 18-year-old was dared to stand in the median of a four-lane road and flash oncoming traffic. Turned heads and honking would be expected from such behavior, but that’s not what caused this teen’s night to end in the hospital. One motorist, apparently so distracted by the scene, swerved off the road and drove right into her. Luckily the driver was not harmed and Miss Mardi Gras walked away with minor injuries. Drunken moments may be priceless, but the fine for her “disorderly behavior” was $198.

Insecure bank robber: I have always assumed it takes a certain type of person to hold a bank teller at gunpoint and demand for something that is not rightfully theirs. I guess this wannabe criminal in Springfield, Mass., just didn’t have that “it” factor. The robber threatened that he was armed, without displaying any type of weapon. At this point what I imagine to be an aggravated upstanding citizen yelled at the robber to leave. And he did. He ran out the doors and into his “getaway car.” I love this story so much because I am so sick of criminals walking around like their life is so hard. This incident happened early in the morning, so I’m sure whoever the person is who scolded the robber was just trying to pick up some cash before another day at work. And here is this man, during a global recession no less, trying to get through the easy way. Everyone has their limit; sometimes it is the most unlikely people who you should fear.

Taco tantrum: They always say to not complain at a restaurant because someone will end up spitting in your food. What they fail to mention is what happens after the customer discovers the unwelcomed surprise. A 31-year-old man in Alaska made two trips through the drive-thru at a Taco Bell because his order was not what he wanted. When he returned a third time, demanding what he originally requested, the “special sauce” ended up not being what he had in mind. According to the finicky customer, the manager said he was only complaining because he wanted free food. Livid by this statement and the spit, the man hurled his double-decker taco into the manager’s face. The manager ended up winning this brawl, with the customer in jail for the night and sentenced to one year’s probation. But if there really was spit in the taco, the manager got a taste of his own service.