WRECK: Disney Buys Lucasfilm

Lindsey Ingram

Disney announced it’s purchased Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion Oct. 30, and is planning to create “Star Wars XII” for 2015. Disney seems set on making a “Star Wars XIII” and  “Star Wars IX,” in the future, but many people feel it’s like beating a dead horse.

The “Star Wars” series has become a classic, and to add more “episodes” seems to be too much. Disney bought Lucasfilm so it can keep “Star Wars” around for future generations, but how could modern film companies capture the originality of the first movies? It doesn’t seem like director George Lucas really thought this one through.

While Disney has created some memorable films after its purchase of Pixar, such as “Finding Nemo,” “Cars” and “Wall-E,” it isn’t likely it can create a new “Star Wars” classic. Many fans are concerned that Lucas’ lack of involvement in the the next movies won’t do the series justice. Who could blame them? Fans also believe that Disney is going to “dumb down” “Star Wars” to make it more kid-friendly, and feel like Disney is just in it for the profit, rather than trying to improve the legendary series. No matter how the movie turns out, it will definitely be strange seeing Disney’s magical castle appear before the scrolling text and “Star War’s” famous theme song begins.