TKE tackles Texas


As small as the Greek system may be on campus, the Greek organizations are proving to Quinnipiac why they are around.

The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was awarded six International awards at TKE’s bi-annual Conclave in Dallas, Texas this past July. The six awards the chapter received include awards for Average Chapter Size, Academic Achievement, Rush Results, Extracurricular Achievement, Intramural Achievement, and Community Service Achievement.

The Kappa Psi Chapter was also awarded a plaque for achieving the 25 percent Challenge from the International leaders of the fraternity. It was awarded in the Dallas Cowboys locker room in Texas Stadium.

According to Kevin Dooley, the secretary for the QU chapter, the awards are the result of hard work throughout the chapter.

“I think they’re a great accomplishment for the chapter and even for the school,” Dooley said. “We’ve worked hard to get this far, and with the work we plan for this year, we can be a top TKE chapter.”

Rush for Tau Kappa Epsilon began on September 8th. Freshmen may rush fall semester and are encouraged to see what a fraternity is really about.

Anyone interested in rush should contact the Rush Chair, Doug Hoffman, at 582-6881 or visit TKE’s website at