QUReview improves

Tyler Tessier

This semester Quinnipiac University students were able to choose professors based on teaching style, workload and effectiveness thanks to a website designed by three Quinnipiac students.

First designed last year by Quinnipiac’s Mike Radparvar, Mike Germano and Steve Sohcot, the website is offering many new features beginning next semester.

New features this year include professors being rated on a class-by-class basis, instead of an overall rating like last year. The site also allows students to access professors specifically by name, without having to go through each department to find the professor they are looking for.

While anyone can look at a professor’s rating, only Quinnipiac students will be able to vote. When students log on to the website, a password will be sent to their Quinnipiac email address for access.

“We’re also making it so students can only put one comment per teacher,” Radparvar said.

According to Radparvar, the system was lacking a few important aspects last semester because it was put together in haste. The trio put the site together in just one weekend so it would be available for the upcoming semester.

This semester Sohcot, who writes all the coding for the website, has come back with a more sophisticated way of running the site.

“He’s [Sohcot] pretty amazing,” said Radparvar. “He learned an entirely new coding language this summer.”

With more time, the website designers have sought the support of the school.

“The school has been very supportive of it,” said Radparvar. “We are working with SGA to seek some kind of funding, and to maybe be affiliated with the school.”

In addition, other schools have expressed interest in bringing it to their campuses.

The site has also been a hit with many students on campus.

“I love the site,” said sophomore Ryan Peterson. “I ended up choosing most of my professors because of it.”

For comments and suggestions, please contact the website designers at [email protected]