The Chronicle wants you!

Jamie DeLoma

Okay, you have just read several editorials and political opinions. Now what? You have a unique and great opportunity before you. You have the opportunity to respond to any or all of them.

In this week’s Opinions and Editorials section alone, various topics ranging from parking on campus to bloodshed in Iraq have been discussed; all of which you could respond to. Your opinions, however, need not be contained to just these two pages but could include anything you read in this edition of the Quinnipiac University Chronicle.

Still see nothing that relieves you from your writer’s block, well there are countless writing possibilities out there, all around you – right now. Do you see a problem with housing? How do you feel about some students being forced to room with students with whom they did not choose? Are you one of the freshmen being forced to live in a study lounge? If so, this is a perfect opportunity to share your feelings and experiences concerning that.

However, the opinions in this section need not be contained to on-campus issues. Do you believe that the current war on terrorism is the result of President Clinton rather than Bush? Write about it! Whose fault is the current recession in the economy? Do you believe that President Bush’s economics policies are saving our economy from further peril?

Really it is not that hard once you start writing. After all, you are writing your very own opinion and will have the opportunity to share your views with the entire Quinnipiac community – both current and past students and faculty alike.

Please remember, however, what you write will likely appear in the Chronicle and you must be willing to stand by what you write.

September 11th is when the next edition of the Quinnipiac Chronicle comes out. Do you have a special story to tell about that tragic day? How did that day affect you? Could the government have prevented it? Can another September 11th-type attack ever happen again on US soil? Are airports truly safer today than two years ago? Send your opinions, views, and contributions to [email protected] or [email protected] (as part of the body of the email – please no attachments – with your name, telephone number, preferred e-mail address, major and year) today to ensure we receive it in enough time to review and perhaps publish your story. We have all heard countless other people’s stories about that fateful day in American history and now it is your turn. Start typing today and perhaps see your story next week in this very spot.