Expressions with flair

Jenn Press

A seven-foot-tall light up palm tree is found in the corner, with a chair shaped like a stiletto heel on the opposite side of the room.

No, this is isn’t the description of a hot new a club. This is a college dorm room.

“Our room attracts a lot of attention. People are always commenting on how different it is,” said sophomore, Jordana Marshall.

Now a days, students are finding a variety of unique ways decorate their dorm.

One room bought a patriotic print tent at Sports Authority, decked it with lights and pitched it in their common area.

“We were looking at furniture online and then we started looking at the tents. We saw a big open tent and we said, ‘We have to have this,'” said sophomore, Phil Cisario.

“I think it fits perfectly. It really broke up the room nicely without feeling closed in,” he said.

“You’re not going to go into any other dorm room and find this,” said sophomore, Chris Allen.

Students have bought items to give their dorm room a funky flair. Faux furs, various shaped throw pillows, and picture frames are used to spice up the ordinary dorm room.

“My roommate and I coordinated our bedspreads this year and went with a jungle theme. Everything is done in animal print which looks really sharp,” said junior, Amy Polic.

“My friend Lu Ann hung lights around the perimeter of the room and glow in the dark stars off of the ceiling. That’s what medical students do at Yale,” said Scott Shimotsu, first year graduate student at Yale.

WIth some dorms on campus that allow wall paintings, students found it adds an extra pizzazz to their living area.

“We painted our walls last year and it made a huge difference,” said junior, Zoe Palitz.

Others choose posters, photo collages, wallpaper and decorative sheets as a means for covering up the empty wall space.

“Urban Outfitters sells bed sheets that are cheap and have cool looking designs that we hung on our walls,” said junior, Brian Goldman.

“I’ve seen some pictures of loved ones and friends displayed on bulletin boards,” said Cynthia Malachi, customer service manager at Wal-Mart and mother of a sophomore in college.

Some students chose to take the creative route by decorating their own crafts for their dorm room.

“I cut out words and pictures from magazines that describe me, and collaged them onto a box that I keep on display,” said Fern Noodleman, freshman.

“The box is great for odds and ends and it looks really cool,” she said.

Joshelle Jackson, team member of Joanne Fabrics said a lot of people ask the store representatives for ideas. “[A popular idea] is to make pillows they can sew photos in [or] sheet pockets for their beds to put magazines in,” she said.

“People usually buy sheer drapery fabric for windows and a lot of people buy jean material, fake flowers, bead trims, and buttons to sew on pillows,” Jackson said.

In addition to purchasing display items, students find storage is a priority.

According to Michelle McGeeham, greeter at Wal-Mart, flashing lights, wallpaper and storage totes are popular items this year. “I think the hottest item is storage boxes,” she said.

Palitz, said she stored her plastic drawers under the bed to allow for extra room.

“The best thing that I did was raise my bed on cinderblocks,” said Palitz. “It gave me so much storage space and I put my drawers underneath my bed.”