Frosh offered alcohol course

Kristin Kroha

This year Quinnipiac University is offering a new course designed to help control irresponsible drinking.

This web-based course is offered primarily to the freshman class with hopes to educate and eliminate the abuse of alcohol. The 2 1/4 hour course is nationally recognized and is a way many universities are trying to help their students understand the importance of drinking responsibly.

The students first go through a pre-test/assessment, allowing him or her to personalize the test about to be taken. The pre-test asks for year of graduation, age, and other basic facts. A customized evaluation then follows, and evaluative results are given.

The student receives a pass or fail mark after completing the course and then attends an in-person follow-up assessment session with their cluster groups thirty days after the test. The meeting is required regardless of the results of the test.

Contact Monique Drucker, Associate Director of Student Affairs, or look for updates to get more information on this web-course.