Todd joins Mass Communications Center

Kellie Gleeson

Many new faces are appearing as the University rolls into a new academic year. Vicki Todd is the latest addition to the School of Mass Communications faculty. She has officially taken on the roll of assistant professor in the school of Mass Communications.

Before coming to Quinnipiac, Todd was a Public Relations professor at Texas Tech University. While she was teaching, she received her Doctorate in Public Relations.

“I lived in Happy, Texas my whole life,” said Todd. “My town was made up of 650 people. I loved it there, but felt I needed a change.”

Said Todd of her decision to relocate to Wallingford, CT:

“It was the first time I ever had to get one of those moving trucks. The transition was good though. It went really smoothly.”

Before deciding to come to Quinnipiac, Todd applied to over 30 schools, including Simpson’s College in Iowa.

“Quinnipiac was definitely in my top three when I was choosing what school to go to,” she said. “The deciding factor was the gorgeous campus and the kind words of Russell Barclay.”

Todd is teaching public relations courses as well as Intro to Mass Media. She is also involved with an assessment committee on campus.

“I haven’t been to a meeting of the assessment committee yet, but I know they are planning on changes,” said Todd.

Todd is hoping her past experiences will help her when it comes to teaching at Quinnipiac.

“I have a lot of hope for my class,” said Todd. “I hope my upperclassman will be able to produce things that will go into their portfolio. I also hope that my freshmen will get the excitement they need to keep going in the mass communications field.”

On a personal level, Todd is hoping her classrooms will be filled with interesting conversations.

“Through interaction,” said Todd. ” I can grow to be the best educator I can be.”