Hazan named as assistant director of student center

Kellie Gleeson

The Quinnipiac University Carl Hansen Student Center has undergone several changes over the course of the past six months. The addition of Scott Hazan as Assistant Director of the Student Center and Student Leadership Development marks one such change. Hazen, who is replacing Mindy Sutton, has taken over the position and officially began work at the commencement of the academic year.

A graduate from Long Island University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and masters in early student development and counseling, Hazen’s career path was not certain at first.

“After I graduated, I had no idea what I wanted to do,” he said. “I liked Psychology, but it was more of an interest. I never had a desire to work in the field.”

Hazan moved on to work in the music business, but later decided his love was working with college students.

“I really wanted to go back and work in a college environment,” said Hazan. “I ended up getting a job at South Hampton University as the Director of Student Activities.”

But after a few years in this setting, Hazan chose to leave the college scene.

“I was married, and had a son, so I decided that it was time to get off of campus and work in corporate America,” he said. “It also gave me the opportunity to try and make more money.”

After four years of working in such jobs as a recruiting and as a sales executive, Hazan decided to go back to working with students.

“I was miserable working in corporate America. I wanted to get back into doing something that I really enjoyed,” he said.

When searching for a new job, Hazan was looking for a school with a lot of growth potential. He applied to such universities as Rutgers and the University of New Haven, but Quinnipiac had been his top choice.

“I am really glad that I got the job at Quinnipiac,” said Hazen. “I am in the process of moving my whole family here, so I am hoping I stay here and move through the ranks the university has to offer.”

Hazan’s job at Quinnipiac University consists of working with the media organizations, the Greek Life, and the sophomore and the junior cabinets of the Student Governnment Association.

“I have worked with Greek Life before and belonged to a fraternity” said Hazen. “I have also done radio and have put a whole yearbook together myself. I have never done anything with newspaper because I don’t consider myself a good writer.”

Hazan is looking forward to working with these groups because he has a large interest in the media.

“I know at times it will be hectic working with all these organizations,” he said. “But, I will try to get everything done for them and I will manage my time between them equally. I can not manage this as a 9-5 job, if people need me I will try to get there.”

He is also looking forward to working closely with all the students and believes his interactions so far have been nothing but positive.

“I think I have a lot to offer these students…this will be a give and take. That is the best way to work.”

Scott, as he prefers to be called, hopes to grow on a personal level.

“Since I started working here, I have been enjoyed getting up and going to work in the morning. I hated getting up when I worked in corporate America. Because I enjoy coming here, I am successful.”