WRECK: The New Taxi Location

Rebecca Fano

The pickup point for students taking taxis from the Mount Carmel campus has been moved to North Lot. Students will now be expected to walk the long distance to the Recreation Center if they plan on leaving campus via one.

The old location, the parking lot behind Buckman Theater, provided students who lived on the outskirts of Bobcat Way a much closer and easier walk. The freshmen in suites and beyond lucked out with the new location since the new spot is much closer. However, the sophomores who lived in those as freshmen were hit with a double negative; last year they had to endure the long walk to Buckman and this year, when they thought they would be closer to the cab line, they have to undergo another dreaded trip to get a taxi. The only exceptions are for those living in Mountainview or Complex.

If you think the walk is treacherous now, just wait until the temperature drops during the cold winter months. Girls may have to rethink wearing a short skirt and tank top with high heels when they go out. Recently, a rumor claiming the shuttle location is the next to change has gone around campus. If this is true, students may begin to second guess their Saturday night Toad’s plans.