RAVE: The Bird on the Walk to CAS

Sara Kozlowski

Step aside, Boomer, there’s a new mascot on campus. His name is, well, he doesn’t have a name right now. I’d like to call him Sir Giggles—simply because it’s silly and makes no sense.

For some bizarre reason, there is a white bird that has been living in the College of Arts and Sciences woods on the Mount Carmel campus for a few weeks now. It appears to be either a dove or an albino pigeon.

“I love seeing that thing,” sophomore Evan McKay said.  “I saw it earlier in the week and thought, ‘this is going to be a good week.’”

For several weeks, people had been talking about the mysterious white bird lurking in the CAS woods, but it wasn’t until recently that I saw it on the pathway next to the road.

The bird keeps to itself, but doesn’t appear to mind being around students, even during busy passing times. He just hangs out by the sidewalk, pecking at the grass looking as happy as can be, which is exactly what makes Sir Giggles so awesome.

He has become quite the superstar and hopefully he’ll stay on campus to continue being a symbol of good luck, as well as an instant way to bring smiles to students’ faces.