Thanks for the Insights

Tom Hyde

I want to dedicate this article to all of the people on this campus who have inspired, unwittingly and otherwise, my intense curiosity with people and government. Because we are at the end of the year, I wanted to share with you at least some of the things students and I have talked about over the year. Although I often criticize students here for taking too many things for granted, I have come to respect the opinions of this student body. Students here are conscientious enough to compete with confidence in the workplace; access to internships and otherwise, we have excellent opportunities available.

Our views on September 11th have seemingly changed a bit in several noticeable ways, none of which can be said for every person, I should add because everyone is different. I believe that as a society, we have transferred most of our sadness and grief into a successful and healthy revenge, which has boosted collective values among most people at this university. We still remember the tragedy vividly enough to appreciate our short lives for however long we may live them.

There is an enormous sentiment that we are at risk for another terrorist attack, which reflects universally throughout Quinnipiac students. From September 11th until the prelude to the war in Iraq, and now as we wait for the outcome of American efforts abroad, we have been mentally terrified every day. Irrespective to the level of effect this has on each of us, we have all become frightened to a level that we would have probably never envisioned in our most horrifying nightmares. This tragic loss has affected our generation- that much may be certain.

Alongside this pain that we suffered came a positive and empowering sense that we wanted to retaliate. Not many Americans or students seemed to feel bad about taking Saddam Hussein out of power in Iraq. We took enormous pride when President Bush basically reminded the rest of the world who runs it- and then steam-rolled through Baghdad. I personally feel a sense of relief knowing that there’s one less dictator butchering women and children in the Middle East.