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    Orientation: A taste of Quinnipiac

    Previous freshmen, now current students of Quinnipiac, reminisced about their orientation, as this year came to an end. Every student had a different experience during their first weekend at the university, but they all left with their first real perception of Quinnipiac.

    Orientation weekend takes place before anyone gets to fill out interest cards that describe interests, likes and dislikes. For orientation weekend people may be placed in a room with people who are the opposite of who they are. Although this may be difficult to deal with, a scenario like this will make for a good new reality show!

    The goal of orientation is to help prepare students for experiences they haven’t yet come across at this point in their lives. All students need to be prepared in certain areas more than others.

    Being away from home for a weekend may have been a breeze for some, while others stayed on the phone with loved ones the whole weekend because they missed home terribly.

    Orientation Leaders are there to help comfort those who feel homesick by encouraging the students to meet new people until they feel like Quinnipiac is their second home. The old orientation leaders are back for this year and a new batch was picked. They’re enthusiastic and look forward to sharing their college experiences with new comers. Brian Dobosh, an orientation leader, said, “I’ve found out from talking with other students at various colleges that their orientation program is not as student helping as I feel we are.” He said, “This orientation definitely plays a pivotal role in the transition. It gives students the chance to see how the basic college life is. Also it gives them chance to make the first impression and meet the people that they will be seeing around campus and/or living with over the course of their stay at Quinnipiac.”

    None of the orientation leaders have come across a student that has been dissatisfied with Quinnipiac after the weekend. Orientation leaders make it easy for their group members to contact them in the fall.

    Students within their groups even decide to stay in contact over the summer so they can become close before the school year begins.

    However, there are students who felt they didn’t meet enough people and felt confined to the group.

    Victoria Johnson said, “I wanted to mix around with more people. I think groups should do activities with other groups.”

    Meeting new people is what is supposed to happen this weekend but Meredith Roberts felt otherwise. She said, “I didn’t meet a lot of people at all. I felt like my group was secluded from the rest. I had to do everything with my group.”

    Jenny Hannon, an orientation leader doesn’t see this type of behavior at all, “Due to the numerous activities with other groups, as well as your own group, I think a lot of people meet others and friendships are formed before even attending with Quinnipiac.” There’s definitely a difference of opinion here between the leaders and the students.

    Orientation is good but it doesn’t do it all. Freshmen may still be confused about where things are and they may feel scared to be away from home for more than just the stretch of a weekend.

    Everyone is in the same boat and there will always be someone around to help with questions or concerns because we’ve all been there before.

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