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    As we go on, we remember

    As the year comes to an end, there are many memories that people have of each other, the school and different events and activities they participated in. Memories include traveling, sports events or just having fun with friends.

    Some remember the excitement they had this winter with all the unexpected snow. Three snow days gave students lots of time to play and bring out the kids in everyone.

    A group of freshmen living in Ledges will never forget the fun they had sledding down the side of the hill into the basketball court near the side of the building.

    “Snow days were always a great memory because not only did we not have classes, but we got to whip out trays from the cafe and snowboard and sled for hours on end behind ledges,” said freshman Cori Witkiewicz.

    Many people have personal memories with their friends. The friends they make in college will never be forgetten, and these smaller, simple memories are the things that really matter.

    Being with the ones you love and care about are what makes college enjoyable and the things people remember. Many students have lunchtime traditions. After classes were done, a group of freshmen recall they would meet for an hour-long lunch and sit in the same table everyday, if “Java John” did not steal the table first.

    They stayed for almost the complete hour everyday and laughed so loud they sometimes cleared out the entire area. Another group of girls had fun one night when they marked the school with their new club. For those of you unaware of the past joke of PEN 15, they marked various places around campus with their name in the snow.

    May Weekend and Midnight Madness are two school-wide events that most people experienced and had a great time. For freshmen, both events were new and they had to see for themselves how much fun Quinnipiac can be. Most people have incredible memories of May Weekend, and many of the memories can be shared on

    Quinnipiac University has offered many trips and events this year. These events include having Kyle and Kerri from The Real World come here, a 112 concert, a Guster concert for May Weekend, trips to New York City for the Christmas Spectacular, a night cruise around the city, trips for Broadway shows such as Rent, a trip to Madison Square Garden for the QU v. UCONN hockey game and many other visits to the city.

    Quinnipiac has brought a variety of smaller musicians here and had many comedians, character artists and psychics for fun-filled evenings. And can anyone begin to count the number of barbeques that there had been, especially in the last two weeks of school? This year was filled with fun and everyone was able to find something to participate in.

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