New issues SGA is working to fix or improve:

l Credit Hours

(Sarah Fisher, freshman class representative)

-She proposed that students who want to take more then 17 credits should not have to pay for the extra credits

Further discussion-

-Many schools already do this and it works for them

-This will encourage students to take more exploratory

classes, which will in turn, make them more well


-Students do not have to pay for other classes that are

only one credit for, people should check into this.

-A committe was formed to look in this for the future

l The Q-card and meal points-

(Dennis Kisyk, vice president of student concerns)

-Will be meeting to discuss any issues of the Q-card

l Security and phones in Library

(Becca Decarlo, freshman representative)

-People think that it is noisy in the library. There should be people monitoring this by walking around


-Security guards are walking around and are being

assigned to work the library

-Phones where put in by the lobby