The politicalization of religion

Mickey Feinstein

Okay America. Something is wrong. Very wrong. Within the last few years, the country has gone terribly awry, feeding into the politicization of religion. Granted, America has been a pretty faith-loving nation since its beginnings. Yet I think Washington, Jefferson and the like would be disgusted to know how faith and government have somehow intertwined. President Bush spends Easter Sunday, the holiest of Christian Holidays, at a military base. This symbolic action simply lends credence to the cretin’s dogmatic violent patriotism. Bush believes that God wills his military actions. Just to point it out, there’s another person out there (still) who also believes God wills his actions. His name is pretty infamous and I don’t even feel like giving him the satisfaction of mentioning it in this editorial. To get back on target, if there is a God, who knows what side He’s on? The Bush Administration’s problem is that they have crucifixes in the same palms as six-shooters. As much as I hate the way American foreign policy is going, can the politicians at least stop pretending it’s some kind of Crusade? Like Jesus really cares about U.S. oil interests. Happy Easter folks.