Spring fever brings spring cleaning

Ashley Alvarado

It is that time of year again. Spring is not quite here as far as weather goes, but everyone is certainly in that state of mind. While students packed up a lot of their belongings for the holiday weekend, they also packed things they would not need in their dorms anymore. These things consisted of furniture and items that could be brought home for the summer.

Many students used this opportunity to begin the packing process and rid their drawers of heavy winter clothing, videos, and other items that will not be needed in the last few weeks of school.

Cleaning products were used and windows were wide opened to let some sunshine into the dorm rooms. The taste of warm weather put people in the mood to make everything smell fresh and clean. There was not much productivity coming from the boys’ rooms as far as clean-up, but they could be seen carting things away.

Patricia Detullio said, “I feel like I am going to be living in solitary confinement when I get back, but I did not want to have to bring everything home all at once in three weeks.”

People always associate cleaning with tedious, boring work. While the work is tedious, cleaning this past week was everything but boring. Loud music was blasting in the rooms and could be heard in unison in the hallways while students continually took turns visiting the trash closet.

Many students found that cleaning was beneficial to help their minds prepare for finals. “I study better when my area is clean. The more clutter, the more overwhelmed I feel,” said Julie White, sophomore.

When Jillian Profitt finally sat down to relax, anticipating her weekend home, she felt a sense of relief. “I feel like I have really accomplished a lot. Half the things I am bringing home I did not even know I had.”

Proffit said other benefits of cleaning are finding missing objects behind closets, underneath bins and stuck behind draws.