Time to soak up the sun

Sarah Sztuk

It is a beautiful afternoon. The sun is shining, it is warm outside, and everyone is on the quad laying out or playing frisbee.

Some students are not this lucky. They still feel dedicated and need to go to class. The question at hand is whether or not to attend class or relax in the nice weather.

As tempting as it may sound to skip classes, students should weigh the consequences of missing their classes before they plan to do so.

Despite the fact students could miss valuable notes and assignments that would leave them behind in their classes, many professors have a secret weapon they instill to make sure students show up for class.

“Attendance is an important part of your grade, ” said english Professor Deborah Pollak.

At Quinnipiac University, many teachers follow an attendance policy where more than three absences result in grade deductions.

For every missed class after three absences, students could have as many as ten points taken off their class participation grade, depending on the professor.

Even if professors do not keep an attendance policy, students should remember the semester is quickly coming to an end and finals will be here before they know it.

Students around campus are doing various things to get themselves motivated to go to their classes.

For some, the decision is simple. When they think about the cost of tuition it only makes sense to go to class and get your money’s worth.

“All I have to do is think about how much money my parents are paying for me to come here,”said Lauren Anzalone, Freshman. “I make sure I get to class.”

Other students have to look for outside motivation.

Freshman Lauren Franco relies on her roommate to get her to go to classes.

“She makes me go,” said Franco, “Everytime I try to get out of class she is there to make sure I go.”

Other students said they simply budget their time so that they can get the most out of the time they don’t have classes.

This year is slowly coming to an end and now students need to stay focused despite temptations to make it through the rest of the semester.