The Script innovates with newest album, “#3”

Shannon Corcoran

The Script, one of Ireland’s most successful exports to date, is back on the U.S.’s radar and airwaves with its new record, “#3.” For all of the tweeters out there, it’s number 3, not hashtag, contrary to the popular belief.

For those who’ve been listening to the trio since their release of, “Breakeven” and “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved,” in 2009, “#3” is a pleasant surprise. It encapsulates the band’s lyrical soul displayed throughout its two former releases, while changing up the sound just enough to keep listeners wondering what lies ahead. If you’re just hearing about the band now, then you’re in luck; this is the band’s best record yet .

The songs on “#3” are honest. “If You Could See Me Now” epitomizes the band’s emotion that’s beloved by their fans. Telling the stories of lead singer, Danny O’Donoghue, and guitarist, Mark Sheehan’s parents’ premature passings, the track is sure to touch many listeners hearts. This may be one of the best songs The Script has released.

However, as great as “If You Could See Me Now” is, nearly every song on the record stacks up. “Good Ol’ Days” is an anthem that college kids can relate to, and has a unique fusion of high energy and The Script’s distinct mellowness.

The band changes it up with “Hall Of Fame.” There’s a version featuring Black Eyed Peas rapper,, which is completely unexpected, but brilliant. It’s refreshing to see The Script go in a different direction and take risks with their sound.

If you’re going to buy the record, get the deluxe version. The bonus songs are worth the few extra dollars. Overall, “#3” is an example of what every follow-up album should be: innovative and true to the sound fans love.