Students grade teachers

Michael Karell

These past few weeks, students have been able to take advantage of an innovation in class selection. This new service is available for free on a website called

Students can review teachers on criteria such as class speed, work load, and overall knowledge. They also have the option to post a comment on the teacher, with a maximum length of fifty characters. While this may seem as though it is a forum for students to bash their teachers, that is certainly not the case.

Any inappropriate or slanderous comments posted are deleted as soon as possible, along with the offending student’s review. The intent is to help students pick teachers who match their preferred style of learning, so as to get the most out of their education. is not endorsed by Quinnipiac. However, Manuel Carreiro, Dean of Students, has expressed his approval. It is also important to note that the university’s consent is not needed, since is a completely independent enterprise, which does not rely on university resources. is the product of much hard work on the part of Michael Germano, Michael Radparvar and Steven Sohcot. So far the creators have paid for the domain and hosting of the site out of their own pockets, but they are hoping to transfer the responsibility to the Student Government Association.

The decision to take up the site will be made at an SGA meeting next week. If accepted by SGA, will be sure to survive into the future.

Because it needed to be ready for the beginning of course selection for Fall 2003, was put together very quickly, and a number of features were missed in the planning. For Version 2.0, which will be available for Spring 2004, is to include an expectations page, so that the teachers can post what they want to see out of their students.

The site will also allow students to put what course they had the teacher for in their review. This was recommended by teachers who said that they teach different classes in different manners and the reviews might vary greatly depending on what class the student took.

It seems that students will get out only as much as they put into this site. Constructive criticism is vital to the success of

If students are fair and impartial in their ratings and comments, then the site will be a huge success and all will benefit. If students only write “too much work” and “too difficult to understand” as their reasons for disliking a teacher, then the site will be less effective.”