New issues SGA is working to fix or improve:


l Current lottery systerm-

(Sarah Fisher, freshman class representative)

She proposed that freshmen contact Derek Zuckerman for futher aid on this issue.

Further discussion-

– Underclassmen should be able live in Commons and


– Freshmen should live in Dana and Irma

– Student with record should get lower lotto number

while students in good standing should get higher


l Finance for media organizations-

(Tom Hyde, junior class representative)

SGA should not control the finances of the media organizations.

l More options for meal plans-

(Dan Looney, vice president of student concerns)

Met with meal plan/Q-card people to discuss the Q-card

Further discussion-

– Students feel they should have meal plan options

– Students should have an easier way to transfer meal


– Students should be able to get new Q-card each year

l Shuttle information-

(Steve Geller, freshman representative)

Students are asking for more stops to be available when taking the


Further Discusson-

– A detailed petition needs to be made and given to shuttle

coordinator before this will take place

– Said they will try their best to accommodate all students