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    National day made to honor secretaries

    Picture a world where top business executives answer all their own phone calls and wait on the copy line, a world where everybody can type 70 words a minute and put up with the hassles of everyday business life.

    This world does not exist. For as long as booming businesses have been around in this country, the secretary job position has been a popular one of vast importance.

    National Secretaries’ Day is a holiday to honor these individuals who handle clerical work and correspondence for their superior.

    The US Secretary of Commerce, Charles Sawyer, began National Secretaries’ Week in 1952, when the first official Secretaries’ Day was celebrated on June 4. The date was later changed and observed on the Wednesday in the final week of every April, making this year’s Secretaries’ Day April 23.

    “I think Secretaries’ Day is a really good thing,” said Erin Peck, a freshman. “Secretaries get recognized for all the hard work they do,”

    Several other students expressed similar feelings.

    “I think secretaries are the heroes behind the scenes in our school,” said Taylor Mankowski.

    With technology growing at such a rapid pace, fears concerning the state of secretarial positions began to surface. People began thinking that secretaries would become obsolete.

    The secretary position, however, has grown more than ever. With computers, fax machines and a countless list of office tools secretaries are needed more than ever to operate the various machines and keep offices running exceptionally efficient.

    Besides all of the day to day office work that secretaries take care of, a personal aspect is not always noticed. Secretaries have the responsibility of making reservations for their bosses, paying bills and sometimes even paying attention to things such as their bank accounts. Some secretaries almost lead another person’s life, until 5 p.m. when they get to go home to work on their own lives.

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