Leaks occur in Tator and the Rec center

Nancy Hall

Students have been reporting leaks in the Student Center and the recently refurbished Recreation Center. Facilities wants to assure students that these problems have been noted and taken care of.

Robert Bisighini, associate director of Facilities, said leaks are to be expected while roofing is going on in the new Recreation Center.

“[Leaks] are a part of the construction process,” Bisighini said.

As parts of the roof are being replaced there are bound to be areas left vulnerable to the recent heavy rains, Bisighini said. However, there is still a warrantee on the roof, which allows any leaks that are discovered to be easily repaired.

More leaks should be expected when the old gym is re-roofed this spring, but these will be carefully monitored and taken care of promptly, said Bisighini.

The leaks that were reported in both Tator Hall and the Recreation Center earlier this semester have since been taken care of, according to Facilities.

Bisighini said Facilities keeps a running list of all discovered leaks, and that they are fixed in a timely manner.

If students notice leaks or any other problems in a university building, Facilities ask them to either report them to a worker of that building or to fill out a Facilities work request form online. In doing this, the students can aid Facilities in their continuing efforts to be efficient in dealing with campus matters.