Student profile: Deborah Greaves

Karla Robator

Deborah Greaves is a 22-year-old senior from Chesterfield, N.H., majoring in public relations and minoring in marketing.

Greaves has had an impact on the Quinnipiac community with her involvement in public relations.

Greaves began her freshman year with a mass communications major. It was not until her sophomore year, after having discussions with Professor Russell Barclay, that she began to pursue public relations.

Greaves said Barclay enthusiastically clarified what being a public practitioner means, and as a result she began exploring public relations as a major.

Greaves began her path to success with PB 101 and public relations introduction classes and has since paved the way for other public relations majors to come.

In her sophomore year, Greaves and fellow classmates began to establish the PRSSA, Public Relations Student Society of America, a professional organization. Public Relations Society of America is the parent organization to PRSSA.

It was not until this past semester, after their hard work and dedication, that the organization became chartered and nationally recognized. The School of Communications has been supportive in establishing this professional organization.

After Dean Jarice Hanson, Professor Barclay and former professor at Quinnipiac, Professor Kurt Wise, all contributed enormous support to the students, PRSSA was on its way.

Professor Barclay is the faculty adviser to PRSSA today. Greaves is proud to say that she is a founder, former vice president and the current president of PRSSA.

Greaves has many experiences within public relations. She has taken all of the required courses at Quinnipiac, her favorite course being campaigns with Professor Wise.

“The class brought everything we learned together, and put to use our knowledge and skills,” said Greaves.

The greatest experience for her has been at her internship with the public relations firm Mason and Madison. This is her second semester interning with the firm.

“It is the best learning experience I’ve ever had in my 19 years of schooling,” she said.

This past November was also a great experience for Greaves and to the benefit of a new organization. In November, the PRSSA National Conference, took place in San Francisco. This was an opportunity to meet members from other chapters across the nation and gain more knowledge and support from the speakers about the public relations profession.

“It was very motivational,” she said. “It made myself and others realize that we have support throughout the country, all in our first founding year.”

There are about 65 members of the organization, and 45 to 50 active members. The meetings are held on campus every other Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Greaves will take all of the knowledge and experiences that she has had over the past four years at Quinnipiac and her passion for public relations with her after she graduates in May.

She will continue to pursue a master’s degree, and finally, her Accredited Public Relations Practitioner’s title.