Project Whitneyville

Amy Plourd

“Despair and Repose.” The last work of art created by the famous painter, Damien Ashford, in the midst of insanity is the object of desire in the two-part serial drama created by one of Professor Liam O’Brien’s media production classes.

“Whitneyville” debuted on April 9 on Q30, before the 11 p.m. news and will be shown continuously on Q30. The series follows its characters as they try to obtain the original copy of Ashford’s painting. Each character has their own reasons for wanting the work of art and as the story unfolds the mystery of who gets it in the end is solved.

Originally “Whitneyville” was supposed to be a four-part series, but the class had to cut it in half because of various outside conflicting factors, explained the first assistant director of the series, Justin Weiner.

“It wasn’t the best it could have been due to the outside factors against it, but all in all it turned out well,” said Weiner, who was awarded the School of Communication Faculty Award at the Senior Awards Ceremony last Sunday for his work on Whitneyville, among other things.

O’Brien assigned the project at the beginning of the fall semester. The class finished the script by the fourth week and started filming right away. They used places such as Damon’s in Cheshire, Weiner’s apartment in Hamden and The Dock in Branford as settings for the different scenes.

Once the students finished all of their filming they took the last few weeks and part of winter break to put it all together in the editing rooms. As part of the assignment, the final product was to be shown on Q30.

E-mails were sent out to all undergraduates by Weiner and Prof. Raymond Foery about the airing of the project, however if anyone missed it just turn on Q30 as is playing in loop on the station.