Farrell stars in movie thriller

Vanessa Piper

One phone call can change your life or possibly end it. Director Joel Schumacher proves this in his latest thriller, “Phone Booth.”

The film, released on April 4, stars up-and-coming actor Colin Farrell, who adopts a convincing New York accent as Stu Shepard, a Manhattan publicist. In the first ten minutes Shepard is portrayed as a fast-talking, two-timing dynamo who preaches incessantly on the nature of “the biz” to his personal assistant.

In order to keep an affair from his wife Kelly (Radha Mitchell), Shepard uses the same public pay phone every day to call his girlfriend Pamela, played by “Dawson’s Creek’s” Katie Holmes. When the phone rings following his conversation Shepard thinks nothing of it, and answers.

As local prostitutes pound on the glass, commanding Shepard to free up their line for business, a calm but intimidating voice (Kiefer Sutherland) tells Shepard he’ll be killed if he hangs up. Shepard does not believe “the voice” until a sniper bullet kills the girls’ pimp.

The girls mistake Shepard for the shooter and tell the cops Shepard killed their pimp. Soon, the corner hosts a police standoff. Forest Whitaker (“Panic Room”) plays sympathetic cop, Captain Ramey who tries to talk Stu out of the booth.

The daunting voice knows a lot about Shepard’s personal life and is angry because his target is a phony that talks too much on his cell phone, cheats on his wife, and lies to his girlfriend. The Caller won’t let Shepard off so easily.

“Phone Booth” clocks in at a mere 82 minutes, most of which revolves around a New York City phone booth. Be prepared for a quick ending.

On the whole, Schumacher has created an energetic and enjoyable film that is clearly made for thrill seekers looking for an adrenaline rush.