Campus runs out of water

Michael Karell

Last Wednesday night, resident assistants and fellow students informed students living on campus at Quinnipiac that there was a problem with the water on campus and that they should not use it.

Students were told not to take showers or do laundry, and to limit their use of the bathrooms. Facilities distributed fliers explaining the problem and assuring everyone that the problem would be fixed by 2 p.m. on Thursday.

This bit of bad news spread like wildfire across the campus and mutated into several rumors.

Students could be found at the Rathskeller buying up bottled water, either because they thought the university had turned it off, or because they thought the school water was somehow contaminated.

In truth, nothing was wrong with the school’s water. According to the Director of Public Relations, John Morgan, he said, “A Town of Hamden owned and operated sewer line that services Quinnipiac University had malfunctioned, causing sewage to spill into a tributary that runs into the Mill River Watershed.”

Quinnipiac sent facilities workers to assist town and state workers in cleaning up and correcting the problem and asked that students limit their water usage so as to not exacerbate the problem.

This meant avoiding letting large amounts of water go down the drains, not forgoing use of water fountains and sinks.

Students were notified that they could resume normal water usage around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday and life on campus returned to normal.

Regarding the reaction of the staff and students to the situation Mr. Morgan said, “I want to thank everyone on campus for their patience and understanding during the water emergency.”