‘American Idol’ kicks off contestant

Helen Harrington

Singer Corey Clark, 22, from Nashville, Tenn., is “American Idol’s” latest reject. Clark had to leave the popular reality show due to charges of assaulting his 15-year-old sister and battling police while resisting arrest.

Clark was arrested last October in his Tennessee family home. Neighbors called the police after witnessing screams from Clark’s home.

“What finally caught my attention was a lot of screaming. Then I knew somebody was getting hurt,” one witness said.

Once the police arrived to the residence, Clark and his sister Alecia were questioned separately. He got upset with the police and started screaming and yelling. Officers quickly wrestled him down to the floor. Shortly after, Clark was escorted to the Topeka Police Department.

Clark was booked into the Shawnee County jail where he was charged with an assortment of misdemeanors. These charges include battery on law enforcement officers, battery on his sister, and endangering a child.

Clark was one of the top 12 contestants on Fox’s hit show “American Idol” which can be seen twice a week. He has sung songs such as “Foolish Heart” and “Against All Odds”.

In a statement released on March 31, Fox said that Clark “withheld information about a prior arrest which, had it been known, might have affected his participation in the show.”

“Due to his failure to disclose, compounded by an error in a police report which misspelled Corey’s name, the incident was not discovered during a background check,” Fox said. “The producers and network feel that Corey’s

behavior warrants his disqualification.”

This year’s top 32 semifinalists included a convicted thief, an Internet porn model, and a contestant who’s been charged with an affiliation with a fight that led to a Pennsylvania man’s death. Also, just recently it has been revealed that another finalist, Trenyce (aka Lashundra Cobbins), 22, was accused of a felony theft charge in 1999.