QU launches dailly online newspaper

Viktoria Sundqvist

Public Affairs launched its daily online newspaper called QU Daily on April 8. It will be an official part of the Quinnipiac web site and stories will be updated daily. Topics will range from what is going on around campus to student profiles.

As a part of the web site, a daily e-mail will go out to everyone in the Quinnipiac community, and Public Affairs hopes that this will eliminate some of the other e-mails that are sent out and filling up people’s mailboxes.

“This will be an official means of communication,” said Lynn Bushnell, vice president for Public Affairs.

QU Daily is mainly for faculty, staff and students, but parents and alumni can subscribe by signing up on the site. There will be a link to the calendar of events, and people are encouraged to add events to it or to e-mail their events or story ideas to [email protected]