Students to spread love of poetry

Holly Pullano

The English Club will host its 5th annual Student Poetry Reading Monday night at 7 p.m. in Mancheski Seminar Room.

The event features students reading their own poetry, short stories, short essays and songs, followed by a food reception.

The event is free and open to all students, faculty and staff.

“Students are invited to and encouraged to attend in order to support their peers who are reading as well as to enjoy some really brilliant works,” said Ann Kovall, president of the English Club.

“We also understand that students have night classes, so if they want to attend but fear that leaving early would be rude, no need to worry,” said Kovall.

Copies of the student literary magazine, Montage, will also be distributed at the poetry reading.

“I have every faith that this year’s reading will be more successful than in the past due to the high percentage of students interested in this particular medium,” said Meagan McSweeney, editor in chief of Montage.

Montage was debuted Monday in the Rathskellar, where free refreshments were served and a jazz band performed to celebrate the hard work the staff put into the magazine.

Many of the authors published in Montage will also be presenting their work at the poetry reading.

In the past, the English Club and Montage were combined as one student organization. This is the first year in which the two groups have been run as two separate clubs. However, McSweeney and Kovall have worked together to support the other’s organization.