The number one PC game goes online

Helen Harrington

Electronic Arts’ number one PC game, “The Sims,” was launched online in the fall of 2002. The Sims is a game that allows the player to control up to eight “Sims,” which is an acronym for simulated people, and help them go about their life. Players can create their Sims’ personality, skills and appearance. The player controls almost every aspect of the Sims’ life.

Coming in May 2003, the new expansion for the Sims is “The Sims Superstar.” In this new expansion, Sims will be able to become a rock star, a movie star or super models and live life in the spotlight.

The Sims Online is quite different to the regular Sims PC game. In the online game, the Sim does not get a traditional job, but rather has to acquire skills and make money off of money building activities. A Sim can acquire skills in different areas, such as mechanical, cooking, charisma, body, creativity, and logic. Once a Sim has sufficient skill, the Sim can do an activity for its certain skill in order to make money. For example, if a Sim learns logic skills, then the Sim can make the most money by creating potions, or figuring out math problems on a blackboard.

In The Sims Online, the Sim can speak for itself through the actual commands of the online player. All of the other Sims in the game are real life players. Sims can get to know each other through conversation bubbles or instant messengers. Sims can become owners or roommates on different lots. Lots have different categories, such as skill building, romance, or moneymaking. Each category has special items to use that correspond with its theme.

Magazines and newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and Time Magazine predicted the game’s success. The Los Angeles Times said “Based on the hit series from Electronic Arts Inc., it promises to be one of the most popular online multiplayer games in the relatively short history of the genre.”

But as more and more players of the game unsubscribe, is it really as successful as it was originally thought to be?

Many people who have owned the game since its first release, known as “founders,” have gotten tired of the game and think of it as humdrum. When they first started playing, the game was exciting, new and filled with imagination.

After a few weeks of playing, it was realized that there isn’t much to do on this new game. Players spend most of their time gaining skills so the maximum payout for money on money objects can be obtained.

This highly hopeful game is not worth the $49.95 or the $9.99 monthly fee. Save your money and buy the PC version of the Sims. You will be SIMply glad that you did not waste your money.