AXO holds annual formal

Emily Wakeman

On Saturday, March 15, 2003 Quinnipiac’s chapter of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority held a formal for its members.

The formal was held at Amarante’s Sea Cliff, a banquet facility located in New Haven, right on the water.

According to Gina Carfi, a sophomore member of Alpha Chi, the majority of the sisters attended, as well as the Greek Advisor and Chapter Advisor.

Each of the sisters was able to bring a date. Everyone who attended dressed in formal wear. “It was almost like a prom”, says Carfi. “Everyone dresses up in really formal dresses and the boys look handsome.”

Attendees took buses to the formal. Once at the event, dinner was served. The guests were able to choose between a chicken, beef, or vegetarian meal. The meal was followed by music and dancing.

The event was held in order for the sorority to celebrate the past year they’ve had. It also allowed new members to feel like a part of the sorority and get aquainted with other members.

For seniors, it was an opportunity to form their last memories of the sorority before graduating.

Carfi, a part of the Chapter Relations and Standards Board within the sorority said, “I really enjoyed being with my friends and just being able to have a good time around the people that mean the most to me.”